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I was reflecting this morning on how often we need to be reminded of simple random every day truths. Like “be brave” or “you’re beautiful” or even “God loves you.” We may know all of these things in our heads. But feeling them and experiencing them on an every day basis is a constant struggle. I think that’s why we’re constantly pasting motivational quotes on our walls, inking our skin or personalizing our jewelry with them. We get distracted and blinded from these truths. So in case you needed to be reminded today, You are beautiful and you are brave and God has incredible plans for you if you would just trust and walk in them. And God loves you more than you can wrap your mind around. So walk confidently in his power!
Waffle/heaven/bliss #guerrillatacos  (at Blacktop Coffee)
Stopped to take in this beauty on my walk to my car after work. What a beautiful city. (at Arts District, Los Angeles)
So this happened today w/ @eugiiiii.  (at Proof Bakery)
I’m with the drummer😘 (at The Echo)
If you’re not at @theechola right now you’re missing out! Currently enjoying @stagmusic! It’s not too late to come out and catch @moonsofmars !! ✨ (at The Echo)
@moonsofmars is headlining @theechola TONIGHT @ 11PM. #moonsofmars #music #newmusic #livemusic #tuesdaynight #goodmusic #echopark #dtla #lamusic  (at The Echo)
Birfday girl!!! @karinajanedaum 🎉🎉🎉 (at Mohawk Bend)
A Few Favs | I love LA

I’ve spent the past few hours, scouring social media and attempting to create buzz for my boyfriend’s band Moons of Mars, WHO by the way have an incoming headlong show, TUESDAY at the The Echo in Echo Park. (How awesome, right?) 

I love exploring the internet. Click through link after click through link, it’ easy to get lost in the inter web. 

I thought I’d share some of my favorite discoveries with you today: 

1) The first is a photographer, Whitney Darling. She tells beautiful stories on her blog through photographs and words. I discovered her because I looked up the geotag on Instagram for the Silverlake Farmers Market and I spotted her high resolution photo of a cute engagement shoot! I ventured to the Farmer’s Market this morning, so I was looking through Instagram to see if there were photos I could share with you all. Her branding is also spot on to boot! Check her out! I might shoot her an email when I need engagement photos. ;)

Here’s the photo I spotted on Instagram, love the plaid! Love this couples story and I don’t even know them!

2) I learned on RackedLA that the new Ace Hotel is opening up in DowntownLA on Monday! So exciting! Gosh it’s going to be so cool! 

The Ace Hotel as well as the recent opening of Acne and Urban Outfitters on Broadway signals the revitalization DowntownLA. Not to mention the hotel is opening in the United Artists Theater, so much LA History there! The theater has it’s first musical act performing on Valentine’s Day! Ticket are sold out sadly, but I hope I can see someone (maybe my boyfriend’s band) perform there some day!

Here’s a pic they had with the article taken by Matt Ducker on Instagram, yet again.

Look the Ace Hotel is saying Hi! Hi, Ace! I love this city!

As I’m writing this from my couch some crazy beautiful natural light began to flood into my little studio.

And that’s all from Saturday on my couch!